Q1: What do I need to make use of this website?
Ans: You just need to have a PC with Broadband Internet connection. Register yourself for Virtual Lab in Surveying (VLS) at www.vlabcivil-iitr.co.in.

Q2: How do I get a VLS account? Is it free or do I have to pay for it?
Ans: Go to "Experiment" menu on the main page then click on "Sign-up" link and Fill up the registration form and register yourself to perform Experiment as per your convenience. Yes it is free.

Q3: How do I make use of this website?
Ans: Basically, the main purpose of this website is to allow you to perform 2D and 3D experiments virtually online. After registration, clicking on "Experiment" menu, login with your account, it takes you to a list of experiments. Choose an experiment according to your interest. There you will find links to "Summary of Experiment", "Objective", "Principle", "Methodology", "Manual", "Working of Instrument", "Download Executable File", etc. We strongly recommend that you go through the "Manual" and "Methodology" before performing the experiment virtually.

Q4: What are the software/hardware or other requirements?
Ans: An Internet Browser (Chrome recommended), minimum 1GB RAM, Intel Core 2 Duo processor or above, Windows XP or above, NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 580m.

Q5: Will it work if my internet connection is slow?
Ans: Yes, you may have to wait for a while to receive data. The faster your net connection is, the faster you will get data. A broadband connection with 256 kbps is ideal for performing the experiment.

Q6: Who can perform these experiments?
Ans: These experiments are basically a part of Surveying Lab. Anyone having an interest or a basic knowledge of Surveying Instruments and Surveying Methodology can be benefitted. In general, anybody who wants to explore the field of Surveying can make use of it.

Q7: Whom to contact in case I am having any problem with the website?
Ans: There is a "Contact Us" tab on the website. Feel free to contact us. Visiting FAQ in query page can also help.

Q8: Can I find some relevant reading material?
Ans: There is a "References" menu on the webpage where you find relevant references and links. When you go through particular experiment, there you can find a link to "Additional Details" which will help you getting relevant material.

Q9: Can I perform the experiment if I am from some different college other than IIT?
Ans: Yes, of course this project is basically aimed for all the students desirous to perform Surveying experiments in India or Abroad.

Q10: How will I know how to perform these experiments?
Ans: On every Experiment page, there are links for video recording in the classroom and in the field and link for "Manual" that will help you a lot. Before performing the experiment, go through it.